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BIS Consultancy Services

Bstrades is Leading service provider of BIS registration, BIS Certification, BIS Licensing, and new BIS approvals for All electronics, Electrical product and IT Goods. We are working on consultancy field since 2000. We have a qualified technical team which support to you at every step of your registration and certification process. We help those customer who want to sell/ manufacture their product under BIS Guidance in Indian Market, we guide them how to design best product for their customer, how to improve their brand value in World wide. Bstrades help you at every step of registration and certification process also in sample testing and all documentation process. We also started TOYS Registration and testing for BIS.

CRS Registration-:

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is operating compulsory Registration scheme (CRS) for all the electronic products And IT goods which are covered under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS). This scheme has come into effect on dated 3rd July 2013 . Indian and foreign Supplier of BIS registered product who want to sell their product in India their product should be registered in CRS . All foreign and Indian manufacturers need to apply for CRS registration. If you want to export and sell your product into Indian market than your product should be registered in CRS under the Meity (Ministry of electronics and information technology). bstrades provide you all registration process from start to end. We have experienced team having technical qualification and experience which help to you related all registration queries and give you fastest service in stipulated time.CRS Registration Department located at BIS head Quarters New Delhi .

Following Product are covered Under CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) which we granted -:

  1. Electronics musical system with input power 200W and above for IS 616:2010.
  2. Power Bank for use in portable application for IS 13252 part 1 : 2010.
  3. Self Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services (LED Bulbs) IS 16102 part 1 :2012
  4. DC or AC Supplied electronics control-gears for LED modules (LED Driver )IS 15885 part 2/ Sec 13 : 2012
  5. Fixed General purpose Luminaries (Surface panel and LED tube light) IS 10322 part 5 /section 1:2012
  6. Recessed LED Luminaries IS 10322 part 5/Section 2 : 2012
  7. LED Luminaries for Road and street lighting IS 10322 part 5/ Section 3 :2012
  8. LED Flood Light IS 10322 part 5/ Section 5 : 2013
  9. LED hand Lamp IS 10322 part 5/ section 6 :2013
  10. LED Lighting chain IS 10322 part 5 / section 7 : 2013
  11. LED Lumainaries for Emergency Lights IS 10322 (Part 5/Section 8):2013
  12. Automatic Data Processing Machine IS 13252(Part 1):2010*
  13. Visual Display Unit, Video Monitor of screen IS 13252 (Part 1):2010
  14. Plasma/LED/LCD Television IS 13252 (Part 1):2010
  15. Power Adaptor For Audio, Video and Similar Electronics Apparatus IS 616:2010
  16. Power Adaptor for Information Technology Equipments IS 13252 (Part 1):2010
  17. Laptop/Notebook/Tablet IS 13252(Part 1):2010
  18. Adaptor for household and Similar Electrical appliances IS 302 (Part 1):2008


For more information BIS Mandatory Product


Document and samples required for BIS Registration -:

Following document which we needed firstly for samples testing purpose.

  • Samples detail (Including all models with wattage detail)
  • PCB Layout
  • CCL (Critical Component list)
  • Circuit Diagram
  • Transformer design
  • Series Declaration Letter
  • Encloser Drawing
  • Business license copy
  • Trade mark copy

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Certification/ Registration (BIS/ISI)

The Product Certification Mark (ISI) aim to providing third party Guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of product to the customer. ISI Mark License helps to obtain to all kind of organization around the globe who wish to upgrade and grow their business in Indian market. Bstrades provide you complete ISI certification guidance and support to increase your business as well as your brand value in Indian market. We help organization to design product as per BIS requirement and also help them for sample testing and all documentation which needed for BIS registration. We provide consultancy services to the corporate and Importer for Electronics goods to get BIS Approval. We have experienced team having technical qualification and experience. There are Few products are in ISI mandatory list which needs to get ISI Certificate before to be sold into India Market.

There are Following Product covered under ISI notification -:

  1. (IS:1293:2005)-:Plug and Socket outlet of rated voltage up to and including 250 volts and rated current up to 16 ampere
  2. (IS:3854:1997)-:Switches for domestic and similar purposes.
  3. (IS:1258:2005)-: Bayonet lamp holders.
  4. (IS:694:2010)-:PVC insulated cables for working voltages up to and including 1100V.
  5. (IS/IEC 60898:part 1:2002)-:Electrical Accessories -circuit breakers for over current protection for household and similar installations part-1 circuit breakers for Ac operation.
  6. (IS:9537:Part 3:1983)-: Conduits for Electrical Installations: Part 3 Rigid Plain conduits of insulating materials.
  7. (IS:371:1999)-:Ceiling Roses-Specification.
  8. (IS:374:1979)-: Electric Ceiling type fan and ragulators.
  9. (IS:302 Part2/Section 201(1992)-:Electric Immersion water heater.
  10. (IS:302 Part2/Section 30)-: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances -Room heaters.
For more information click- ISI Product Detail

Business Consultation for new start-up (Electrical and Accessories)

Starting a new business comes with a vast amount of step . what are these steps which have to be just taken also known about them in advance . Bstrades solve all those your doubtful query related , which are the best steps you should take and also provide detail about how to managed and control them , we will suggest you to which are most useful step you have which forward your business to next level. We also suggest to you which are most useful step for your Vendor/Customer for long term relationship. we specially work in Electrical product and accessories field . for those who think their product should be ISI and Other quality mark we help them to provide these quality certification. We done and manage all documentation work and new application work at our end.

Samples Testing-:

We also provide our customer to complete sample testing for CRS registration, ISI Registration, and other testing form BIS Recognized laboratory with best price and Third party calibration services as well as New applicant/ start up firm scheme from BIS NABL certified laboratory within less time at lowest price.


Why Bstrades ?

There are some important point why people choose Bstrades-:

  1. Our all BIS certification carried out in accordance with Indian standards which are amendable to certification we also follow all Meity guidelines which applicable for Registration for CRS.
  2. Our all employees have Individual experience in each field and our Commitment is “WORKING WITH EXCELLENCE” on time.
  3. We are also looking forward to meet you, with the purpose of discussing for your problems regarding our provided services.
  4. Bstrades specialize in helping Small Creative Business Clients with their design needs.
  5. The possibilities of having specific tie-ups, with your esteemed organization. We will be in touch again to set up a meeting, at whatever time that is convenient for you.
  6. We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future we always ready to provide service to our client to any time.
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